Rector's Newsletter


After nine years as incumbent of St Andrew's Epworth it is time for me to retire. During this time St Andrew's has been transformed by the removal of its mid-Victorian furnishings which, in truth were showing their age and the installation of a new floor and chairs which have made the interior much brighter and gone a long way towards curing the damp. 

As a Parish Church St Andrew's serves a community with a rich history. We share our Christian witness with Epworth Baptist Church and Wesley Memorial Church. As the birthplace of John and Charles Wesley, Epworth is known in many parts of the world and welcomes pilgrims from many lands especially South Korea and the USA. Indeed, Epworth may be better known there than in this country. I am sometimes surprised when I meet Church people from other parts of England who have little knowledge of Epworth’s place in the history of our Church.

St Andrew's has an important ministry both to visitors and today’s parishioners. It has been restored and reordered to tell the story of the Christian Faith which is a continuing story. It is also able to serve the community of Epworth in new ways and I hope that this ministry will continue to grow.  Now that I am part of the past of St Andrew's it remains for me to wish every blessing to all parishioners and visitors to what is a holy and special place in the Christian story of our country and the wider world. May this story continue to be told and the Faith nurtured in Epworth’s future as it has been in its past.

Ian Walker August 2017.